Reference WPCEHD_13_07 (Published as vol. 10, nº 2)

TITLE: “Reading comprehension through group work activities in EFL classroom: An action research report”


This classroom action research approaches the issue of reading skill based on the role of group work in classroom. Group work is one of the major activities of generating ideas of any written piece of text. It facilitates EFL learners to read in social perspective, which makes their learning more diverse and informative. Though, classroom activities should reach learner’s need and understanding, this action research is performed to make a change of classroom activities. It is seen that group work works better in the classroom and is capable to make learners conscious and understanding which is of course in an interesting and free environment. It also facilitates learners to be more interactive and socialized in the classroom.

Keywords: Group work, Social, Comprehension, Reading skill, Learning, EFL.



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